Friday, September 25, 2009

Industrial Visit

Oh no!! I have abandoned my bloggie for more than a month.. Well, now I'm having holiday and I was just finished my reports. So now I need to spend some time on my blog.. Hehe..
I'm here actually is to update my last month industrial visit post. Lolzzz...

25 August 2009

We went for a visit in CCM industrial. And here are the pics..

"We are Group C"

Thursday, August 20, 2009

A-level Final Result

Well, I've got my A-level final result this afternoon.
Quite satisfied on my overall 6 units result for 3 subjects.
I got 1A and 2B.
Although I cant get straight A, I'm still glad on this.
coz the result is higher than what I expected.
Eventually, I can escape from the nightmares happened during last few days.
And the good news is...
I'm officially pass the most important requirement of pharmacy course in IMU.

Actually I was a bit stressful because everytime I used those trial results to get in for the new course.
After 1 month finished SPM, I started my A-level.
And now, I started this pharmacy course after 1 month of A-level exam..
Oh shyt..
I don't have a longer period of holiday..
Btw, i hope I able to finish this course successfully after 4 years.

Our 'seed' purse bought yesterday..

* officially bankrupt now *

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Weekend Outing with Baby

Such a long time we didn't hang out in the weekend due to my busyness on this course and those experiment report and presentation. Everyday class almost from 8am to the latest 6pm. In between each class just have 15 min break and 45 min for lunch. I was totally reduced my sleeping time and the time meet with baby.. Obviously, i skip some of the lecture class la. *stressful*
Everyday while having lecture class sure sleep inside the auditorium due to the comfortable of the chair and the lights effect. 90% same with those in cinema. =.=

Back to the topic...

Yesterday went to baby's house in the morning while baby still sleeping like a pig. While waiting him to wake up, I made myself done with the make up. After that lazy pig woke up then we rushed down to Pavilion to catch a movie..
This movie is so stupid la.. Damn funny..
After the movie, Carl's Jr. again. I waited so long to eat the crispy chicken burger. Starving*

Guess what i bought?
I bought myself a MNG bag.. Yay! Was looking a new bag for a long time.. and now i got it ler.. *Happy*

Monday, August 10, 2009

Hotel Istana Gala Awards Night '09

09 August 2009

"Congratulation to the successful lady who got the Best Pharmacist Entrepreneur Award of the year 2009"

My aunt has sponsored me, my mom and cousin to attend the awards night of the Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society. One seat which costs RM300.. Is expensive!!! The purpose for us to attend this was to support my aunt for the award..

Before the night came, we dressed up and make up nicely.. Dad sent us down to the hotel and met with my aunt at there. Surprisingly, i saw 2 of my classmates and senior there also. They are the batch representative and the assistant who sponsored by IMU.

The food was all in small portion.. And doesn't taste nice.. Lol..

My little cousin and I

I'm holding the trophy of the Best Pharmacist Entrepreneur Award '09
Hope I will get that soon in the future. Haha

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Happy 6-month-day

It's the special day again..
Happy half year anniversary to my precious baby..

The sweet moments started since 26 Jan 2009~

Monday, July 13, 2009


The problems have became tougher to solve at this point..
I knew i'm regreting now.. But no point blaming myself now at this moment..
God, Plz lead me to a successful way to solve all the problem as soon as possible..
And I just wanted to stop tortured by those problems..
That isn't an easy pathway for my future..

Sunday, July 12, 2009

12 July 2009

Got a simple and fast photo shooting for the Estee Lauder model search in KLCC on Tuesday.. Went there with an unprepared mode.. Actually the main purpose went for this is for my own photo collection.. lolz

Holiday has ended. Is time to start my new course tomorrow... OMG!!! is so fast!!! What I was doing during the 3 weeks holiday?? I have been sleeping, playing game, working, shopping all the time.. And now onwards, the war begins..

ps: already 1 week ++ dint see my baby.. T.T

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Ikea & 1U

Well, finally I had our first Ikea window shopping together with baby yesterday.. Sorry baby.. I know i'm more busy during the holiday compared to the usual study days.. We went there with our empty stomach, so we decided to have our brunch there..

I like the shelf..

Wow.. red !!! My favourite..

Starbucks time at 1Utama

Chocolate cream.. so sweet.. baby's favourite..

hohoho.. that's all.. i'm lazy to write a long post.. haha